Grants - Considering Renovating Or Extending Your Home ? Create A More Comfortable Home.

Not sure what grants are available when you are considering building or extending?

Was your home built prior to 2006? If so, The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recommends that your home gets an energy upgrade. You are in luck, there is some financial help in the form of various grants available to help people, when building or upgrading their home.

The SEAI has a number of different grants available. These can be broken down in three different areas:

  • Better Energy Homes: this grant helps to make your home more comfortable and therefore cheaper to run, by providing cash grants for insulation, heating upgrades and solar installation. A Building Energy Rating (BER) must be undertaken when the works are complete. For further information, check out:

  • Warmer Homes: this grant provides for free home upgrades of the elderly and vulnerable homeowners. Please Note this grant is subject to means testing. Its purpose is to make homes warmer, healthier and cheaper to run. For further information, check out:

  • Warmth and Wellbeing: this grant is for people who have chronic respiratory disease and are living in energy poverty. Please Note that this is a pilot scheme and is centred on the Dublin region. For further information, check out:

Other financial help available help is through The Home Renovation Incentive. This is basically in the form of tax relief and is available for home owners, landlords and local authority tenants. This allows for repairs, renovations and improvements to your home or rental property, by claiming a tax credit of 13.5%. The works does need to be carried out by a qualifying contractor. Your tax affairs need to be in order. For further information, check out:

Electric Ireland in conjunction with their partners also provides some financial help for insulation and heating control upgrades. For further information, check out:

Electric Ireland also has an incentive for existing customers to upgrade for a free ‘Nest’ thermostat or a discount on the ‘Climote’ thermostat. For further information check out:

Other Utility Companies may also have similar initiatives. Check out their websites for further details.

Housing Adaptation Grant is for people with disabilities and is available to assist in the carrying out of works which are necessary to make a house suitable for the person with the disability. The types of works considered are access ramp, down-stair toilet facility, stair-lifts, accessible showers adaptations for wheelchair access and extensions. For more information, check out your local authority website. The following link is for Kerry County Council:

You may be lucky enough to live in a house with thatch as the roof finish. A grant is available for renovating the thatch roof of owner occupied homes. Financial help is available up to two-thirds the cost or a maximum of €3,810. For further information, check out:

It is worth remembering that grants change from time to time, so what is available this year, may be different in a few years.

We at Sugrue Design have a vast knowledge across the construction industry. We can advise you accordingly on any of the above grants. Did you know that we also undertake Building Energy Ratings, therefore we can provide in-depth advice for various energy solutions for your home.

Feel free to contact James on 087 8328945 or email

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