Save yourself disappointment and cost with a Property Survey

Buying a home will by far, be one of your greatest financial commitments. So it is extremely important prior to any purchase that you have a property surveyed or inspected before sealing the deal and making that final decision.

Some tips on having a Property Survey

A survey entails an extensive visual inspection of the building, its services, garden and ancillary buildings. The condition of the different elements are noted and advice is provided regarding any repairs or on-going maintenance issues.

In addition, potential re-design and / or possible extensions will be discussed. Energy efficiency is paramount in modern living and possible upgrades in terms of insulation and heating, etc can be considered at the same time. Some minor works to an existing house can be planning exempt, refer to the Department of Environment & Local Government document – ‘Doing Work around the House – the Planning Issues’.

In addition, defects and concerns are identified. Reviews of Planning Permission & Building Regulation compliance are noted. Thereafter, a report will be developed to describe the property and its condition.

There are some documents you will need to be familiar such as;

Certificate and/or Opinions on Compliance: All properties, to include extensions & renovations require a certificate of compliance with both Planning Permission and Building Regulations. Building Energy Rating (BER) is also mandatory.

Declaration of Identity: This is where the property boundaries are measured to confirm compliance with Land Registry Maps and that all associated services are contained within the site confines.

To discuss further, contact James on 087 8328945 or email

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